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Meet the Band

Rod Burton can make anything sound southern. Born in Harlan County, Kentucky, he came to the beach after detours in Dayton, Ohio and Chicagoland, Illinois, and has fully embraced life in the coastal south, settling in Surfside Beach since 2011. 

Rod has sang and played music (mainly bass, also some tuba) since he was a kid. He toured with southern gospel and Christian rock bands early on, and together with his wife Kelly created the Branson Gospel Music Convention, which welcomed hundreds of gospel artists. Some career highlights include recording a duet with Grammy award-winning Russ Taff and sharing the stage with the Blackwoods and the Hinsons. He also had a lot of fun appearing as a Willie Nelson tribute artist.

Most recently, while working as a platform engineer for Five9 Inc, Rod has also been a worship leader at Journeychurch and Lakewood Campground. Southern Comfort Myrtle Beach was formed from his desire to gather folks and play music together that celebrates the joy in life. Rod cites a variety of musical influences and favorites, including but not limited to Gregg Allman, Willie Nelson, Kenny Hinson, Gene Simmons, George Jones, Barry Manilow, & Janice Joplin. 

Along with singing, he enjoys time with his big family – children who range in ages 31-8, because life is full! – Josh (Kirsten), Paige, Randa, Kaity, and Jack, and his granddaughter Nora. The Burtons also enjoy “gathering family,” so Rod is happy to be the surrogate uncle and poppy. Rod also loves Kentucky Wildcats basketball and riding his Harley with Kelly, who serves as SCMB’s media crew and “band mom,” and recently convinced him to get his first (only?) tattoo. 

Robert Blair
Bass & Vocals

Bio coming soon.

David Panzer 
Guitar & Vocals

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“Panama” Jack Grezel loves to woo audiences with his captivating lead, rhythm, and slide guitar and silky smooth vocals. Before becoming a bona fide southerner, he played with a variety of bands in and near Manchester, Connecticut, collaborating with musicians whose pedigree would later include the Ike and Tina Turner Band. He counts B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, Frank Gambale, and Eric Johnson as his influences. 

By the late 70s, Jack was a full-time musician playing throughout the northeast with the Burt Teague Band. One of his favorite gigs was opening for Rick Derringer at the legendary Shaboo Inn in Willimantic, CT. in the 80s, he played with Late City Edition, a top 40 show band, and Saddle Tramp, a top 40 Country Show Band, touring through New York City and suburban Boston. 

Since becoming a freelancer, Jack has added to the list of groups, and has covered genres like country improv, hard rock country, and 80s pop/rock. He continued honing these experiences and eventually formed a duo with his wife Sheri… “A.T.M.” – All the Music, with a little help from friends. From this point, Jack played with the Wild Hearts covering classic rock from 2012-2020… and the rest is southern comfort history!

Brandon “Dr. Keys” Causey began his musical career as a kid when his dad, the church drummer, taught him drums, eventually started letting Brandon sit in on Sunday nights to learn and play. He took up piano when his dad moved into pastoring and his church had no piano player. Like he does with most things, Brandon decided if that’s what’s needed, he’d learn to play. He quickly picked up playing by listening to music and learning by ear. He was the only musician in the church, so he played melody on his right hand and bass on the left while keeping that foot stomping keeping the beat— he was the band! 

Brandon has since learned to play bass, as well as a little acoustic guitar. Although he primarily plays piano on Sundays as the worship pastor at JourneyChurch of Myrtle Beach, he still enjoys hopping on the drums, bringing back memories of his childhood learning and creating a passion for music. 

As a worship pastor, he gets most of his influence from Christian/Gospel Music, but he’s taken on a whole new perspective in learning Rock & Roll. This is a new genre for him, and he’s having a blast taking in knowledge from his “seasoned” band members and learning all kinds of new ways to do music!

In his “real job,” as he refers to it, he is an independent distributor for Pepperidge Farm, delivering bread on the north end of the beach. Brandon has lived at the beach his entire life and currently resides in Murrells Inlet with his three beautiful children, Emma (15), Haiden (14), and the magical unicorn Brooklyn (5).